Shed Products


Pyrography is the art of making a picture by burning an image into wood or leather. Currently, we have a number of images including, dogs, cats, birds, railwayana and landscapes priced at £5 each. We can now make a number of interesting decorative clocks as a one-off piece if you can provide the image of choice. Priced at £30, all that is required is a battery to power the clock.

If you have a particular requirement, we can make to order. Items will be finished with yacht varnish. If interested, email the Shed at We are also now making house number plate signs either with or without an image; these are slightly more expensive at £10 due to the amount of work that is involved in their production – these can either be numerals or alpha characters depending upon preference.


We make a range of planters both traditional and novelty and these are often displayed outside the Shed during our opening hours. Bench planters depicted, are charged at £15 each. Bird Tables are £35

All products are made to order.

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